September 25, 2012: The Library Police - A Conversation with Cheryl Denton

One of the great joys of Killer Nashville is the chance to meet authors that we'd never heard of, which gives us a chance both to broaden our horizons and meet some incredibly hard-working and fascinating people. Cheryl Denton is one of these people - of all the people at Killer Nashville, she's probably one who has overcome the most, and the way she's worked that into her novels makes for some fascinating reading.

Killer Nashville 2012: A Conversation with Cheryl Denton

A Conversation with Cheryl Denton: After overcoming some traumatic events in her own life, Cheryl Denton decided to make it one of her life goals to help others overcome similar events. It's a cause that's driven her work to date, even to the point where her fiction deals with similar concepts. In our interview, we talk about why she got into writing and how it seems like an unlikely career for her, what drives her characters, and how her own life has led her to want to help others.

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