Why Is It So Hard to Forgive?

Today, we begin our series on forgiveness with more questions than answers. For the next 40 days, I will be posting on this topic Monday through Friday, with time off over the weekends to recharge my batteries. So, let’s get started…

Photo courtesy of nuhopecare.com

Photo courtesy of nuhopecare.com

Why does God allow injustices such as childhood sexual abuse?
When people shatter our emotions and destroy our spirits with sexual abuse, it is difficult to forgive. We can’t understand why God allows such terrible injustice. King David wrote in Psalm 82:2 (NIV): How long will you defend the unjust and show partiality to the wicked?

How can we expect both justice and forgiveness?
Several years ago, my world was turned upside-down by the revelation that my father had been molesting one of our children. During his criminal proceedings, the judge wanted the victim to help determine the punishment. This just made the survivor feel the guilt and shame of the abuse all over again. How could she ask for a punishment, while everyone was telling her to forgive?

Who does God think he is, asking us to forgive criminals?
Understanding our creator helps us to see more clearly into his decrees for us to forgive. As part of this series, we will be learning about who our God is. And in doing so, we will begin to understand that the people who have hurt us were created in God’s image, just as we were.

Give me your insights.
Please send me your thoughts about why you believe it is so hard for survivors of abuse and trauma to forgive. Your comments can be made anonymously, and if you don’t want them to be posted, I will keep them confidential.

Join me on this journey.
Forgiveness is a long journey, one with a destination that cannot be reached overnight. If you would like to get on the road to forgiveness, you can visit my website, cheryldenton.com, to purchase your e-book or paperback version of my book, The Road to Forgiveness:  Removing the Roadblocks.  Click on the image below to find out more about my writing and my ministry.
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