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In 2011, Cheryl Denton released her first mystery in the Darkfire Series, Among the Ashes. She successfully gives readers page-turning suspense as heroine Kit Blume tries to identify a killer by piecing together the work of an arsonist with her life-long flashbacks. The seed for this plot was planted when someone told the author they would do whatever it took to keep her quiet about childhood abuse.

Book Two, When Hope Was Gone, hit the market in 2013. It provides readers a glimpse into the tumultuous 1970s when Cincinnati was a hot-bed of corruption, due to the influence of the Cleveland mafia. Heroine Laura Sutherland must decide to either keep running or stand up to the twisted mobster whose favorite weapon is fire. As a survivor of domestic violence, Cheryl Denton paints a vivid picture of the terror many women experience at the hands of their partners.

The third novel, Losing Faith, is still in the works. It begins with a murder that sends Kit Blume's family racing for answers one more time while the arsonist they most fear breathes fire at their heels. Moose Creek hero, Michael Ianelli, is a combat vet with a keen sense of justice and powerful tracking skills. Cheryl Denton created his character after one of her sons served as a Marine during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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Early in her career, Cheryl Denton worked as a teacher who took the time to listen to needy children, using her writing skills to develop intervention programs for at-risk students. Working as a magazine editor and book editor provided her with more valuable experience, which she brings to her current writing. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan, as well as the University of Central Florida, holding bachelor's and master's degrees in education.

Over the years, Cheryl Denton has served as a ministry leader, helping women to create lasting and significant improvements in their relationships with others and with God. She has volunteered as a Stephen Ministry Leader, supervising others who care for people with emotional and spiritual issues. Connecting so deeply with others has provided fertile ground for her characters' inner thoughts and emotions.

Cheryl Denton does have advanced degrees in education and extensive training in design, but she thinks life often provides the best schooling. As a survivor of more challenges than most people could experience in ten lifetimes, she has become an expert at surviving against all odds. She believes God put her here on earth to encourage others, particularly people who have experienced significant losses, abuse, or trauma. Her goal is to reach as many people as possible through her writing. More specifically, she wants to encourage them to maintain their joy and faith, even when life kicks them in the teeth. By drawing on past experiences for her plots and creating memorable characters, Cheryl Denton rises above her past challenges to write novels designed to inspire and entertain readers around the world.

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